Circular economy made easy with Blockchain

Rewarding ecosystem where customers are getting crypto coins for returning used products and packaging


The Global Challenge

Every year we dump 2.12 billion tons of waste

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Lack of Solutions

Companies across the globe are struggling to find the right solution for reusing and recycling used products and packaging.
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Lack of incentives

Customers are reluctant to return used goods and packaging to manufacturers, because they don’t think it’s worth the hassle.
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Lack of Efficiency

The only viable way to reduce waste is to shift towards a circular value chain and start reusing.

Meet Oxyn

Blockchain designed to eliminate waste

Ready to use solution

Ready to use solution

For companies that want to shift to the circular value chain. For each product or packaging returned, you will reward customer with the Oxyn Coins
Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technology

NFC chip for your products (GreenTAG) which can store comprehensive data about each item, enabling traceability, intelligence and connectivity across the entire lifecycle.
Powerful marketing tool

Powerful marketing tool

Oxyn is not only making it easy to return products, it also makes it cool! App enables you to reach new audiences, gamify their achievements and engage in conversations.

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works


Define Reward System

Decide the amount of money (in US Dollars) you want to give out as a reward for each product after returned

Smart Contracts

Our System will automatically generate Smart Contract, with equivalent Oxyn coins and generates unique IDs for your Products

Tag your products

Attach IDs to your products with NFC chips or QR codes

Customer Scans the Product

Unique ID gives customers product details, return instructions, explains rewards, and invites them to join the platform

Keep in touch

Along the product lifecycle, you are connected to your customers, you can give them tips, cross-sell offers and guide them to return used product/packaging

Reward, Reuse, Recycle

Once Items are returned, customers are rewarded based on conditions you defined in SmartContract. So, let's give a new life to used goods and packages!


Crypto is the Future

- Blockchain market will go up to, $23.3 billion, by 2023.
- There are over, 300 million, crypto users worldwide.
- 58% are aged, under 34.
- 82%, have a Bachelor’s degree or higher,


Empowered by blockchain

Exciting benefits of our platform

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Go Green

Meet your sustainability goals with our ready-to-use technology that can be effortlessly implemented right away. Get your products and packaging back, reuse them or properly recycle.
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Go Transparent

Data in Decentralized blockchain is publicly available and 100% transparent. Your company can now show the world how you reduce your footprint
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Gain Credibility

With our GreenTag system customers now have direct access to the whole value-chain of each product. You can attach reliable third-party certificates and awards to your products and protect them from falsification.
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Drive Sales

We target Millennials and Gen Z - ethically minded and socially engaged customers, who are ready to pay more for environmentally sustainable products
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Engage Customers

By being part of the Oxyn eco-system you add value, attract new customers, and turn existing users into loyal brand ambassadors
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Enjoy Flexibility

Smart Contracts give you endless possibilities to use creative incentives and be fully flexible with the return terms for each product or packaging.

We can tell you more about Oxyn